One of my favorite parts about being a wedding photographer is making friends.  I love being able to sit down with a group of people and making connections to how we all know each other through someone who knows someone who knows... it is fun for me!  Well I met Abby through a mutual friend.  Abby and Brian love the mountains, love adventures, and love their friends.  I was so excited when our mutual friends got us hooked up and that the hubby and I would be part of their special wedding day.   The day was perfect!  It was exciting for me because it was our first wedding after our son Brayden was born (about a month after =))  We headed up the mountains seeing blue skies and beautiful weather.  We exited the highway for a bumpy drive up the side of Vail Pass to ski cabins.  

Abby and Brian had found the perfect place for their personalities!  

Rustic, remote, wilderness.

We spent the morning hanging out with the bridal party, wandering the side of the mountain, and capturing all the details that made their wedding so unique and special.  The DIY details, the personal touches, and the delicious BBQ spread was a perfect combination.  One of my favorite details was the chalkboard door that they had and the beautiful cake Abby's sister made.  Abby and Brian had an epic mountain honeymoon backpacking and camping together.  Thank you for letting us be part of your very special day!

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