Al+Daisy Valentine Wedding - Brittany McLachlan

Al and Daisy's wedding was simply beautiful.  This Valentine's day wedding was packed full of love - from the two families joining into one, to a large wedding party of fun friends, special moments in the ceremony to unite a new family, and the cutest "Kiss the Girl" dance with the bride and groom and their children!  This wedding was so much fun!  Matthew and I had a great time being able to photograph this precious couple's wedding, especially since we are all friends.  It is always so much fun when we get to photograph a wedding where we can see some old friends and make lots of new friends.  The couple wanted their friends to have a great time, eat good food, and dance the night away - with of course glittered covered donuts as their wedding cake!  Yummy!  I think my favorite part about this wedding other than the gold accents, the gold dresses, the gold glittered donuts, was the brides one of kind dress.  The pink tool and the perfect fit and some killer high heals.   When I thought it couldn't get any cuter the bride asked if I would take some pictures of her daughter putting on her wedding dress!  It was darling!  Another moment that was so sweet was when the couple was doing their first look they turned around to see all of the wedding party cheering them on and wishing them all the happiness.  The night kept getting more precious when this newly combined family all watered a bonsai tree.  This precious moment continued with the groom giving his new children sweet gifts.  The evening was perfect with all the right food and drinks with hilarious and amazing toasts by friends and family and then a night filled with dancing!

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