Barton Grandkids - Brittany McLachlan

This family session was very exciting!  I have known many of them for years and years and it has been so much fun teaching together, seeing their kids being born, going to church together, and just growing up side by side.  I am so excited that we finally coordinate this sweet family and all the grandkids for the most precious grandparents.  This has been a long time coming for Nana!  The moms all worked hard to have all the kids looking their sharpest and all coordinated...when all of the sudden one of the boys yelled and then splash! of the sweet little boys had been searching for treasure when he fell into a very stinky creek!   Luckily with the stores close by a quick mom we had the kids reclothed and ready for pictures.  We had so much fun capturing these sweet grand babies and all their personalities.  

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